Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Well, i got a chance to see my mom for a nice long lunch a few days before mother's day which was awesome. Thanks for meeting me mom! As for the actual day, we spent it in Adel with Brian's mom and sister. Sunday made an amazing breakfast (i mean, i chopped a few things too!), but she did a great job as you can see here!
Grandma and Brody, hanging out in the kitchen
These pics are cute to me because Dylan, the 3 year old, took them! He did a pretty good job considering my camera is pretty heavy!
Thanks to all the great mom's in my life, you all make such a wonderful difference to me!
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Sue Block said...

Thank you for the wonderful Mother's Day. I'm so lucky to have lots of family in my life. Having everyone together is the best gift!! Love, Sue