Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm married!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, i am now officially married to Brian Block. The event happened on Sept. 6th, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado! Please check out our couple blog, where i will be posting most of our events together from now on. i will also post some things on this blog, so check both!!! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Block Family reunion in July

Missed putting these pics up before. Here are a few photos from the Block family reunion (Brian's dads family) at the end of July!

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First Day of School!!

My nephew Evan and niece Gaia headed back to school yesterday in grand fashion!! It was Gaia's first year as she is going to Kindergarten and Evan is a big 4th grader!!

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Gaia is such a big girl now!!

This is Gaia's new kindergarten teacher!!
This is a circle of parents and kids that forms the rose ceremony. First, everyone gathers and sings and then a few grades preform. Then all the teachers are announced and more singing!
But it was this part that was truly touching. All the fifth graders give the Kindergartners roses to welcome them to the school, and at the end of the year, the fifth graders get roses from the Kindergartners as a goodbye for them to leave to middle school!!
Here is G's class walking to the arch of parents!
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The bridge of parents!!

Here is the little princess with her rose! She was so excited for her first day and her beautiful new pink dress!!
This is one of the coolest things. So after the rose ceremony and introductions, all the parents form a bridge that the children walk under to "enter into the new year". There are so many parent there that the children have to walk for quiet some time! Here is G passing under all the parents.
Here is a look at how long this line is. While all the children are passing through, the parents and kids are singing a friendship song. Really an amazing sight!
Here is Evan passing under the arch of parents! Have a great school year, guys!!
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Ben and Lisa's Wedding Day!

Ben and Lisa's Wedding!!
It was the summer of weddings! After our good friends Ben and Lisa were married in Tucson, we attended the wedding of Brian's friends George and Katie in Iowa!

Ben and Lisa's Wedding Rehearsal Day!

Ben and Lisa's wedding weekend-rehearsal day!
Click the pic to view the slideshow!

Pool fun in Houston!

Pool pics in Houston

Lili's 1st Birthday!

Lili's 1st Birthday!

4th of July in Houston!

4th of July in Houston
Click the Photo to see the fun!

Wedding Shower!

Wedding Shower
On June 14th, my sister in law Karina and my godmother Dorothy threw me a wedding shower! It was so beautiful and well done, thanks ladies! Please click on the picture to see the slideshow.

May/June travel

May and June were insane, hence the no writing. We were in Colorade for a week, then out to California for our Marmot sales meeting and back to CO again for a bit of work time (and wedding planning!). Then the first week of June we all headed out to the Tetons for our OBoZ sales meeting! It was a blast, we were on a big ranch just over the border in Idaho. Great new product line...thanks guys!

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Summer Fun!

One of the first pool days of summer, Dylan and Brody (Brian's nephews) got out the kiddie pool and splashed around! We all got in the big pool!

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OBoZ event in June

SO, i have not posted in forever, so here is a huge picture montage of the last few months, including some wedding stuff! This was a dealer event that Bryan Gillam and i did in Duluth, MN. A great dealer up there called W-trek hosted an OBoZ event, a new footwear company we are working with!

Our beautiful baby watching the crowds, guarding the event! (yeah right!)
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Well, i got a chance to see my mom for a nice long lunch a few days before mother's day which was awesome. Thanks for meeting me mom! As for the actual day, we spent it in Adel with Brian's mom and sister. Sunday made an amazing breakfast (i mean, i chopped a few things too!), but she did a great job as you can see here!
Grandma and Brody, hanging out in the kitchen
These pics are cute to me because Dylan, the 3 year old, took them! He did a pretty good job considering my camera is pretty heavy!
Thanks to all the great mom's in my life, you all make such a wonderful difference to me!
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And a puppy makes three!

After much time apart on our clinic tours and travel, we finally reunited (Brian and i, that is:) for the Alpine Shop SWAP the first weekend of May. He got a chance to travel to Brazil in April and i stayed the cold...and cliniced. Needless to say, we both decided that was never going to happen again! Anyway, the event was great and i love nothing more than traveling with my here we are!
We got a chance to use the Snow Peak test kitchen at the event. Snow Peak sent it over and my friend Angie's boyfriend cooked a gourmet meal using 250g cans of IsoButane mix!! little better than i would have done. It was amazing! Thanks, John and Angie!!
Brian's wearing a sweatshirt from a cool new company we just picked up, Check 'em out!
Here is my "little" baby! All 60 lbs. of her!
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