Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Block Family reunion in July

Missed putting these pics up before. Here are a few photos from the Block family reunion (Brian's dads family) at the end of July!

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First Day of School!!

My nephew Evan and niece Gaia headed back to school yesterday in grand fashion!! It was Gaia's first year as she is going to Kindergarten and Evan is a big 4th grader!!

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Gaia is such a big girl now!!

This is Gaia's new kindergarten teacher!!
This is a circle of parents and kids that forms the rose ceremony. First, everyone gathers and sings and then a few grades preform. Then all the teachers are announced and more singing!
But it was this part that was truly touching. All the fifth graders give the Kindergartners roses to welcome them to the school, and at the end of the year, the fifth graders get roses from the Kindergartners as a goodbye for them to leave to middle school!!
Here is G's class walking to the arch of parents!
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The bridge of parents!!

Here is the little princess with her rose! She was so excited for her first day and her beautiful new pink dress!!
This is one of the coolest things. So after the rose ceremony and introductions, all the parents form a bridge that the children walk under to "enter into the new year". There are so many parent there that the children have to walk for quiet some time! Here is G passing under all the parents.
Here is a look at how long this line is. While all the children are passing through, the parents and kids are singing a friendship song. Really an amazing sight!
Here is Evan passing under the arch of parents! Have a great school year, guys!!
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