Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Well, i got a chance to see my mom for a nice long lunch a few days before mother's day which was awesome. Thanks for meeting me mom! As for the actual day, we spent it in Adel with Brian's mom and sister. Sunday made an amazing breakfast (i mean, i chopped a few things too!), but she did a great job as you can see here!
Grandma and Brody, hanging out in the kitchen
These pics are cute to me because Dylan, the 3 year old, took them! He did a pretty good job considering my camera is pretty heavy!
Thanks to all the great mom's in my life, you all make such a wonderful difference to me!
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And a puppy makes three!

After much time apart on our clinic tours and travel, we finally reunited (Brian and i, that is:) for the Alpine Shop SWAP the first weekend of May. He got a chance to travel to Brazil in April and i stayed the cold...and cliniced. Needless to say, we both decided that was never going to happen again! Anyway, the event was great and i love nothing more than traveling with my here we are!
We got a chance to use the Snow Peak test kitchen at the event. Snow Peak sent it over and my friend Angie's boyfriend cooked a gourmet meal using 250g cans of IsoButane mix!! little better than i would have done. It was amazing! Thanks, John and Angie!!
Brian's wearing a sweatshirt from a cool new company we just picked up, Check 'em out!
Here is my "little" baby! All 60 lbs. of her!
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Wild kids caught smiling!

in a completely rare and uncharted case, the cuties on 39th street let me capture them in a mother's day shoot and they both smiled! Evan and Gaia...April 2008!

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Cool shots for Erika's website!

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New additon to Erika's family!

i would like to introduce Nicolai...the maltese rescue that Erika recently adopted from the Boulder Animal rescue. Sam, her 3 year old golden, and Tikka are not sure what to make of him, but they still sniff and play! He is a funny little guy that has a handmovment that makes him look like he is praying! Welcome, Nico!
Evan, my nephew, with Nico...nice sweater!
Gaia's beautiful style, compliments of her hair designer...her mom!!
the lovely, sassy lady herself!
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Trip to Houston!!

At the end of April, i got a chance to travel and see my brother's family in Houston for a few was a blast. of course i missed the first few days of pics as my camera card randomly broke, but i did get the rest of the trip on "film". Here is my fun-lovin' nephew in the pool, squirting everyone!
Karina and cute!
This kid may actually be a fish...we are not sure yet. But one thing is for sure, she loves the water!
Squirt-rific family time! i had a blast when while i was there, thanks guys!
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Golf outing

Jeremy won a golf day with a few of his guys from the office from his boss for doing such a great job, so we drove with him to shop in Houston!
a pro golfer in the making for sure!

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Funny kids shots

Little princess bow-head at the golf course...what a head of hair!!
Titi and Lili love each other, i get the best faces out of these kids!!

this pic i think is funny because this is a fish tank that plays music when you place anything inside or touch the brim. So princess tippy pants was making it sing by slamming her face on the top and giggling. Super cute!
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Birthday Celebration in Texas

i was lucky to have birthday's with my whole family this year, just at separate times! Karina made a favorite...FUNFETTI!!! i love funfetti!!
Jeremiah, as is tradition, had to help me blow the candles out! YUM!!
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