Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter baby...

Here is our little Easter baby, weighing in at right around 50 lbs., Tikka is now a card carrying member of HomeAgain chipping! She just loves this flower hat, can you tell?

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Easter Egg Hunt with Uncle Brian!

Sue set up an easter egg hunt for the boys on Easter Sunday, even though it was not very warm! Of course, Uncle Brian had to have his own they all worked together to find the eggs (find being used in the loosest sense here!) before we all froze!

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Brody and Dylan's B-Day party!!

We celebrated Brody and Dylan's March birthdays mid March with a family birthday party at the homestead. Sunday made some beautiful cakes and let the boys have at it! It was a blast!!

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Brody and Dylan's B-Day party!!

Time to get serious about cake!!

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Brody and Dylan's B-day party!!

Present time!!!

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Brody and Dylan's B-Day parties

This is a picture montage of Brody in all of his 1 year old glory!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend in Vegas...Feb. 22-26th

Our dear friends, Ben and Lisa, are getting married in june and live in Alaska. As such, they wanted to have their bachelor/bachelorette parties in Vegas as a great place to meet and party. We had the good fortune of going on B's birthday, so we had extra reason to party that night!! This picture is the next morning, however, as we were too busy celebrating that night to take pictures!
In Vegas, we met up with Ben, Lisa, our friend Hilary from Hawaii, Amber (lisa's sister) and her husband Ty, Kevin (Ben's friend) and Ken (Ben's dad) and matt (Ben's cousin). It was great fun!

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Vegas, baby, Vegas...

we had the great fortune of having Ben's dad with us...he showed us the finer points of fun and encouraged a great time all over! Thanks, Ken!
Hilary had to leave early, but we had a wonderful time and we were all glad to see her.

Ken, after the Gospel Choir breakfast...awesome!
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Red Rocks, NV...Feb. 08

on our last full day out there, we decided to rent a van and drive to Red Rocks to climb a bit and see the life of beautiful Nevada outside of Las Vegas.
i look like a serious photographist here, yes?
reach matt, reach!!
this is part of the team, hanging and climbing...
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Red Rocks...beautiful

This is B and me watching the sunset...or posing in front of it...after we watched Ken and Matt drive the van backwards down a one way road to get back to the first parking lot in Red Rocks park. Something i did not expect, but made the climbing trip that much better.
i do have to say thank you to matt and ken for going climbing, as they were not going to join us on our trip climbing and it was so worth it to have them along. they gave us the "spider pig" song, the van trip in reverse and many other laughs. THANKS GUYS!!
we were lucky enough to have lisa on our plane to Denver as we was meeting her parents to do a bit more planning. That was great cause we got a bit more time with her!
We all had breakfast and had a great last few hours! Lisa and i got a chance to talk wedding info and that was great. Thanks for the great trip everyone, and i look forward to seeing you at the wedding!
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tikka at 5 months

Weighing in at a whopping 48 pounds, our little baby keeps growing! She just got the big snip last week, but has healed very well and is out running with Brian again. She loves to tear the stuffing out of stuffed animals and she has a favorite toy: a hedgehog that sounds like a duck quacking when you squeeze it! She eats a ton and love to run. She sometimes is a bit head strong, but overall a big lover!

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