Tuesday, May 30, 2006

a sunny weekend with guests

This weekend was a great time. Amber, Lisa's sister, and her husband ty came in town to visit. As a result, we all played tourists as well. It started on Saturday with a trip to the downtown market and lunch at the Snow Goose. Then a rousing game of horseshoes in the park and dinner at Moose's tooth. Sunday we drove down toward Resurrection Bay and Seward, making several stops a long the way for animals and scenery. rounded the day off with a hike at a glacier and a movie. Really a lot of fun...Here is the line up: Ben, Lisa Reed, Andy, Lisa Brown, Amber and Ty
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horseshoes and tomfoolery in the park

the weekend started off swimmingly with a game of horseshoes at the end of a warm, summer day...lisa and amber hucking..i mean throwing horseshoes
ah, the artists form
lisa perfecting her catching skills
cool, calm and collected Andy Posted by Picasa

lisa as tom cruise

so, apparently in the new Mission Impossible movie, tom cruise as a ridiculous running scene and though i haven't seen the movie, lisa gave a really good feel for it...it all starts with a jump

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a few landscapes from turnagain arm...

the alaska range, looking back toward Anchorage

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the animals

there is an animal santuary for injured or abandoned animals at the turn going toward Seward from Anchorage. We stopped to see all the "wild" animals. here is a friend, a huge moose stops for a drink...
i was going to try and pawn this off for a actual "in the wild" shot, but you get the idea
the moose friend again, we also saw arctic fox and big ox animals Posted by Picasa

the animal sanctuary

this little guy was so cute, Hugo. he is holding his feet and rocking back and forth on his butt, how cute is that?
showing off his huge foot, so adorable. mainly because he was behind a huge fence, but still, adorable.
beautiful bald eagle
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on the way to Seward

mountains off upper trail lake on the way to Seward
ben listening for a train...or something
amber and ty enjoying the day
the clan...amber, ty, lisa and ben Posted by Picasa

Seward and Resurrection Bay

The marina where we at lunch...so pretty

a pirate ship on Resurrection bay, how excited was i?
After Seward, we drove about 20 minutes to Exit Glacier. I have never hiked around a glacier before, so i was terribly excited. We hiked around the base and then went up another trail to the side of the glacier, it was so blue. it was a great experience! Posted by Picasa

exit glacier

still pretty snowy in the high country..
ben tasting the glacier water
view of exit glacier
lisa telling ben not to climb on the glacier, ben not listening... Posted by Picasa

the waterfall at exit glacier

a glacier waterfall...super cold
little dark waves...
my favorite waterfall shot....
lisa, amber and ty at the water Posted by Picasa

the end...

lisa, holding the tree, perched by the river...we were all pretty nervous she was going in...
amazingly blue, isn't it? close-up on the glacier...
ripples on rocks...
a parting shot...beautiful day on the Kenai Posted by Picasa