Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tanner and Jacquee Schieck

Announcing, the beautiful, the talented, the unemployed (just kidding), Mr. and Mrs. Schieck!!! I had the good fortune of recently attending a wedding of a good friend. And might i just say, Congrats you guys!
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Jacquee's Wedding!

Recently, i found myself back home again to attend the wedding of one of my closest high school friends, Jacquee. I had not met her beloved, Tanner, before the wedding as we had lost close contact for a bit, but it was so good to meet him. It was really just a great event with the most love i have ever seen at a wedding. i was blessed to be able to be a part of it!
And the girls were great! I had not seen many of these lovely ladies since high school and made a few new friends in the course of the weekend. The groomsmen were equally as charming and just aided in the warm, loving environment that the weekend provided. Here are the beautiful ladies before the ceremony.
And for another friend i had not seen forever, Jenna was Jacquee's personal attendant! Jacquee looked gorgeous in her dress and the whole ceremony was beautifully set up. Tanner, of course, cried when he saw his lovely bride, but so did i!
I truly had such a wonderful time and just thank so much the Kolbecks and Schiecks for creating such a great couple for the world to enjoy! (this is not tanner, but the way, it is Jack Kolbeck! Realized the wording was a bit off!)
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Calendar of events coming up...

So, i thought i would put up my calendar for summer as i know my mom would appreciate it! Sorry i haven't put up a post in awhile, i promise to soon!

June 13-GOA in SLC
June 14- Black Hills
June 15-17 Sioux Falls for Jacquee's wedding
June 18- Adel, IA for Preshow Prep
June 19-21- San Diego for Marmot Sales Meeting
June 22-24- Adel/Duluth, MN
June 25- Marquette, MI-Preshow
June 26- Madison, WI-Preshow
June 27-28- Minneapolis, MN-Preshow
June 29-Fargo/Omaha-Preshow
July 2- Des Moines, IA-Preshow
July 3- Iowa City/Davenport- Preshow

July 4th PARTY!!

July 4-12 not totally sure...
July 13-18 St. Louis- Superfeet meetings
July 19-26 Houston or Springfield, MO
July 27-August 1- Colorado
August 2-4 Sioux Falls- Cayl's Wedding
August 5-13 SLC for Outdoor Retailer
August 14-19 Colorado for Leadville 100
August 20-23 Madison for regional trade show

That is all i have for now...i will update as it is relevant. Have a great day!