Monday, April 24, 2006

a few balloons, a few know

Good morning, Lisa! Happy birthday signs on her way to the kitchen
Lisa's b-day pancakes! This stack was then covered in syrup and peeps! After completely drowning a purple peep in syrup chanting "Drown the birdie" she declared that it had actually pooped a blueberry...very interesting
oh, wait...are those peeps? someone call animal protection services, this is birdie cruelty!

Later on that day we went exploring Ship Creek, a little area downtown Anchorage. We happened upon the Ulu factory and then this picture happened. priceles, really...
Happy birthday in candles, what more could you ask?

And then it was my birthday! i kind of ruined it because Lisa was going to get up and cook me suprise breakfast, but i left to workout before she got up! so i missed my birthday breakfast, but i did have tons of ribbons hanging from my door and these signs when i got up. Yeah! I also got a few renditions of "Happy Birthday" sang during the day, too!

my happy birthday signs! Notice the one in the middle...
after work i came home to very disappointed Lisa as the suprise birthday party she was trying to plan didn't really work either because many people were busy. But i didn't care, i was just happy to have them! We cracked a few cold ones and opened presents. my present from ben and antique camera! super cool, we are going to see if we can clean it up and make it work.
me enjoying my present at the prompting of ben. nice crown, huh?
Then we decided to go bowling. So over the alley we went, i didn't do that bad either. At some point in the evening, however, i became a cheerleader. We'll just call this one "L is for Lisa"
Ben's victory butt shake dance
This is going to take a minute to explain this picture, but it is worth it. You may look at it and say "nice pic of lisa" but what you don't know is that seconds before this shot was taken, something horribly funny came out of lisa's mouth prompting this image. I was stanging up to take my turn and we had previously been talking about places we wanted to live after Alaska. Ben and i kept our conversation to western European countries while Lisa kept piping up with "what about argentina?", "well, what about Austraila?". So i finally turned to her and said "No, Lisa, Europe". Looking puzzled at me she says, "No, you're up". Truly one of the funnier things i have ever heard her say...
After bowling we went to play pool at a local bar called JJ's. This is Greg, i made friends with him.
<This is me attempting darts after a few beers...really quite dangerous

After we left the bar, we had to stop and get whip cream for my birthday cake, which Ben made. it was keylime cheesecake. YUM! Again, after a few beers i stood in the parking lot of Safeway and cheered for Lisa to come out. Maybe i missed my calling?
Cheering shot #2. Awesome.

You would think that is about all the birthday fun we could handle, but our friend Lisa had her birthday one day after mine. That post as well as some Easter shorts are coming soon. />