Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My birthday!!

My Birthday 2007
Today i turned a quarter century...I had a pretty good day hanging out with my favorite little man. We colored with chalk, baked cupcakes, swept the sidewalk...well, i guess the last one was mostly him. Anyway, thanks again for all the love and birthday joy, guys! Oh, in case you did not pick up on this from before, these are all web albums, so you need to click on the picture to load the rest of the shots.

Jeremy's a Catholic!!!

Jeremy's RCIA
Jeremy went through the RCIA program this year and became Catholic. There service was beautiful, although Jeremiah stayed awake THE WHOLE TIME!! He was good though, and even helped bless daddy at the end.

Easter 2007!!!

Easter 2007

So, i have become lazy with my blogging and since i have not posted FOREVER, i am posting some fun stuff. However, staying with the theme, i am only compiling web albums in this batch. Lots of pictures...I visited my sweet little nephew in Albuquerque for the Easter break. We were going to go to the zoo on Friday, but EVERYONE was at the zoo, so we went to the fish pond instead.

Saturday Jeremiah's playgroup came over for an Easter egg hunt and then we went shopping. That night we went to Jeremy's RCIA Easter Vigil...those pictures are later. Easter day we started the day with a big breakfast and a hike. Then off to the Isotopes baseball game, so fun. They had an easter egg hunt at the game for Titi as well!! We ended the day with a movie. We had a really fun and relaxing couple of days.