Monday, January 16, 2006

My last night in Hawaii, Hil and the roomies threw a good bye party for me. Here, everyone loading up on food. Victor, Karen, Bob, Dom and Spring. Thanks guys.


if anyone is confused by the order of my blog, you should be. i have to have ben help me rearrange, but the blog with the "Goodbye party" is supposed to be right after the Waimea Bay pictures as an introduction to that section of pics. Sorry, i am as confused as you are...

Waimea Bay

The last weekend i was in Hawaii, there was talk of the Eddie Aikau competition going at Waimea Bay because the waves were so big. It did not, but Hil, Ogie and i got the pleasure of watching people surf Waimea bay, which usually does not have a break. It was one of the most powerful things i have seen in a while. The ocean is her own master...that is for sure.
...somehow, derek zoolander ended up showing up at my goodbye party, too! crazy...
the two that came together, now leaving separately...can't wait til you get up here, Hil
The final picture with Kevin and Spring...sad
My suprise when i got to Alaska the first night was a new sled from Ben and Lisa for Christmas. The little sucker can hall. After this, my very first picture in the great northern state, we went sledding for a few hours until i thought my nose might in fact fall off. great present, though.

Pics of me and Ben with Cubby and Ka'ena at Alyeska

I got some more pictures back today, so here are the shots of Alyeska from my camera

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Today was my first big trip outside of Anchorage. We had every intention of waking early to drive the 40 miles to Alyeska Ski resort and watch the USSA Giant Slalom competition. However, a few beers the night before prevented an early departure, and we missed it. But the drive down was unbelievable. I am constently amazed by the beauty surrounding me. Gorgeous snow covered mountains towering over the mostly frozen Cook inlet. Frozen waterfalls scattered haphazardly throughout the canyon. Trees incrusted with ice crystals that form perfect stacked ice structures. I feel truly surrounded by God's hand. My first week here has been quite cold, but also awe-filled.

The race course for the giant slalom on Alyeska...that we missed

Me and the puppies at Alyeska

Another part of the Chugach...

Lisa and me in front of Cook inlet...freezing

Looking back toward Alyeska down Cook Inlet

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It has been difficult to sit and write recently as moving can be a very time consuming activity. We are working so much on trying to get the house unpacked and decorated the way that we want, that we have had time for little else.
i spent 2.5 hours the other day urban hiking through anchorage discovering different areas around our house. we have cross-country ski trails that run right past our back door and they lead all over the city.
as always, it is difficult to be away from family, but i think this place will lead to many new and exciting adventures. i will post more as soon as i can. there are many more things to tell!

the beautiful Chugach Mountain range, as seen from our house...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

where am i?

...apparently the flight from Hawaii was too much for me...

travelogue, star date 4596124

This, the very first post, should be wise and wonderful and offer extreme insight into one's life and times. that will not be this. it is merely a way to set up my new blog, which will hopefully be a way of avoiding mass emails and keeping a photo journal for my family and friends. and i am a follower and my friends all have one...and my brain is frozen because i have only lived in Alaska for 5 days. So here are the first few images, with the promise of many more to come!