Saturday, July 21, 2007

Liliana Gisela Hohn

Here she beautiful new niece!!! She arrived July 5 at 7:09 am. I am spending the week playing loving, doting tia, and i am very excited about it. More pictures to come at the end of the trip...

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Red, white and blue in the rainbow city...

Fourth of July 2007
Fourth of July in San Francisco, what a blast! And i got to spend it with two of my favorite people, Ben and Lisa! I also had the great fortune of meeting some more of Ben's family and celebrate his cousin's Mat's birthday, as well as his. Just click on the image above to see all the great pictures from the weekend.
We woke up early on the 4th to watch a two town tug o' war over a channel! We were staying in Stinson Beach and it is between that community and the town of Bolinas! So fun. Then we stayed in Bolinas for the morning to watch the parade and the gathering of characters this little funny hippy town attracted.
After that fun morning, we headed off to hike 5 miles on the Dipsea trail, through the old growth red wood beautiful. It was very warm though, we were ready to be done once the time came.
Then, utilizing the lemon tree in our backyard at the beach house, i made fresh lemon tarts with blackberries to go with the crab boil and birthday cake we had for our celebration dinner. Wow, was that amazing. so good!
After dinner, we all went down to the beach for the sunset and then later for the was an amazing time. Thank you to Mat, Tim, Mandy and the Kriedermans' for a wonderful holiday, i loved it!