Friday, February 24, 2006

another loser post

well, it is suddenly the end of February and i saw that on my blog i last updated on the 9th! Forever ago! This month has been a series of establishing things and getting acquainted with the city. I just got a lot of pictures back, 7 roles to be exact, but Walmart made some lovely cds of them and it will actually take me a bit of recontruction to make them blog worthy. but soon. i also just got a new camera, so the pictures and updates should come closer together. this is more of a pleading to wait just a bit, and there will be pics and info. thanks for your patience guys!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

the recap of 2006, so far

i always feel like i need to attach pictures to my posts, so i haven't been doing it as often as i would like,but this time i am just going to do a recap of the last month or so, to get some info out.
A week after i arrived in anchorage, my mother came out to visit, which was really fun and very helpful in driving around and finding a job. We got a chance to really check out anchorage and what it had to offer. and nobody shops like the two of us. Lisa, Ben and i ate like kings for a week, too. I think we all gained 5 pounds during her stay, thanks mom!
The day after she left i flew to Salt Lake City for the outdoor retail show. What a blast. it sort of felt like cheating, to see all the new fall lines for next winter...but i loved it. It was a lot of work too. i was showing Marmot and Montrail to retailers for a friend of mine. i met a lot of wonderful people and was able to establish some great contacts. i also had the strange pleasure of seeing someone i used to have a poster of in my bedroom...Chris Sharma. it is strange how small the world can get sometimes.
The day after i flew home, i started work at a little retail store that sells 90% Patagonia dream. i pretty much run the store by myself right now because of the size, my availablity and the time of year. It is in a hotel and will see increased traffic during the summer months. Right now i am just myself...learning sign language and Japanese. The sign language is going better than the latter, i am having a hell of time with the pronunciation.
I am feeling a lot better adjusted up here. I do not have my own mode of transportation yet, but i am a card carrying member of the people mover, our local bus. i really want the new FJ Crusier, but the dealership is getting me the run around..oh well, i am tough.
Well, i am signing off for now, hope this was a good catch up post, sothe ones that follow make more sense.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ben and i went to the Alaska Rock Gym on Friday to see what it had to offer. The facitlity is great, unfortunatly, we only got to stay a little bit because it has been a few months..years since either of us has been in a gym. Super fun though. Here is the bouldering traverse in the den. What am i doing?

Ben on the bouldering traverse, gets a little hairy in this corner, but looks super tough with chalk on the camera (don't tell Lisa)

This is just a V2, but next time we go, the bitch is mine! (Serious face, huh?)

Ben attempting a serious V6...actually he is not attempting anything, as you may well see bythe multi-colored holds he is grabbing, good pic though, huh?