Wednesday, December 06, 2006


as a big suprise, brian and i went up to suprise ben and lisa for thanksgiving! it was great, they had no idea. We got in super late the first night, and the next day we had a great, relaxing day. Then that night we went to the Alaska rock gym and then to Beerfest at the Bear's tooth. super funny movie. i highly recommend it.

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Thanksgiving 2006

Such an amazing Thanksgiving in Alaska. We had a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable day with great friends. We started the day with a great breakfast at Andy and Lisa's house. Quiche, fruit and dip, yummy!
Andy and lisa (soon to be two more!)
ben and brian playing cards
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Turkey day at Nash Circle

Holy crap, we made a lot of food. Ben and lisa b. made his mom's pumpkin pie, i just wore the crust. we all made so much food, we could have fed 10! IT was great though, so much fun time together. and the turkey? so amazing. Ben made it on the grill...yum!
another "sport mode" shot
crazy cubby in front of the fire
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the table, in all its glory

i think all these pictures are funny. Apparently, i am SUPER excited about this...
...and we're eating...
still eating...(kind of reminds you of having to watch people's slideshows of their vacations, eh?)
so, i was wearing a bell sleeved sweater and we were joking about me saving leftovers in the sleeve, so that is what this picture is. The funniest quote about this was from Andy, who was sitting just to the right of me. He looked and me and grabbed his beer quickly and said "Keep your giant sleeve away from my beer". pretty good. great meal. Posted by Picasa

recreation in the great white north...

so, many of you know that bowling is not my strong suit. but, when most of the group is ill and outdoor activities are best thing is beer and bowling.
lisa set the camera on "sport mode" and took a ton of shots. this was one of many of ben and i moving.
go lisa!
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it started with a frozen face...

we decided to make the trek to Hatcher's Pass, a favorite backcountry playground of ours. As per tradition, i went out the sunroof of the commander again, to take photos on the way to Wasilla. A car driving at 70 miles per hour with a windchill of -10 makes for some pretty frozen tears.

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gettin' ready

ben fastening lisa's snowshoes at the bottom of Hatcher's. little frosty to be without one's mittens for too long

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snow and goggles

brian on a mission up the hill
...still going...
ben must think it is cold. actually, i think it was about 12 degrees, which was quite a bit warmer than what we had been getting
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and...something else

man down!
snow mouse
three in a row
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one hatch, two hatch, three hatch, four...

because brian decided not to wear his snowshoes, he was a bit slower then the rest of us. as a result, for the longest time when i turned around i would only see his snowboard bobbing up and brian
lisa and brian, rounding the corner to the top
some tele skiiers on the far mountain
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