Saturday, July 22, 2006

A night of fun for everyone

End of the tour on the road and we let it all hang out. There was a goodbye party at a bar in Soulard for an old shop employee. There was also a free concert downtown for the reunion of Toad the Wet Sprocket, which was awesome. So a group of us spent the night in high style, PBR and all. Posted by Picasa

The middle of the night concert

We left the party at the bar to go to a concert down by the arch. The grand reunion tour of Toad the Wet Sprocket. We were unsure if they were going to play because of rain, but they were awesome. So fun.
Me and Jenna with the band in the background.
Kevin and Glen Phillips, the best of friends. Posted by Picasa

Highlight of the evening...

After the concert they set off a great little fireworks display over the water, which was especially great because i did not get to see fireworks on the forth. The clan, down by the river, sans the van...
I call this one "mom would be proud"
After the fireworks we were approached by this woman who wanted to know if we wanted backstage passes for a Meet and Greet of the bands. Well, it was probably the greatest thing that happened to Kyle, Kev and Jenna as they are big fans. I was just along for the ride.
Everyone with Big Head Todd and Toad the Wet Sprocket. Pretty great experience all the way around, even if i didn't really know them... Posted by Picasa

Fun shots of the night

I have no idea what Brenda said, but Kevin couldn't be laughing harder
Oh Kyle, how cute. Kyle and Matty O. Nice.
Good group shot of the Bilhorns plus Matt.
um...yeah. Posted by Picasa

End of the night dance party

Yes, that is a tambourine i am playing. And apparently this is the most fun i have ever had! There was a band playing in the front room of Llwelynns and i took it upon myself to play all the percussion instruments that they were not. That included an egg shaker and a tambourine. Kyle and Jenna are dancing in the background.
another fabulous percussion moment...
random dance floor picture
And finally, who can resist a Kevin sandwich? I guess me. Posted by Picasa

Out in the city of...corn?

After a whirlwind tour with Sunday through the greater Chicago, UP, Wisconsin, and finally Duluth areas, Brian and I had a night to meet up with some of his old friends in Des Moines before starting out on the next leg. Here is a shot of the group...
Joel hangin' out with the ladies...Amanda and myself
This is the most fun i have ever had in Des Moines...wait, this is the first time i have hung out here...still a good time. Greg on the left. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

an update on the wandering...

I decided i should probably post some sort of update on my life as i have not blogged FOREVER! Truth is, i never want to blog without some primo pictures and i have not been shooting the way i would want to lately. I have pretty much been on the road since i came back down to the lower 48. For those who do not know, i took a job with Marmot/Montrail repping the midwest with two other great people, Brian and Sunday. I have been on the job now for about a month and time has been crazy!
As such, i am currently without home, though i hope to make St. Louis a stomping ground come fall...or winter...or maybe next spring. Whatever makes the most sense finacially.
So far the rep life has been good. A lot of information, a lot of travel (been back to St. Louis for 4 days since i started...been on the road the whole time). Our territory is quite large, 13 states, but it is a great way to see some beautiful country. The upper Peninsula of Michigan is gorgeous, Wisconsin is God's country and then there' s North Dakota...yep, not a lot to say about North Dakota.
If you guys want to see more stuff, the company website is and we have a blog now too, if i ever updated that. That one is Check it out, i have been putting a few more related pics on that one. I will put more on soon, but until then, please enjoy the beautiful lake superior fog and sailboat race. Posted by Picasa